A versatile painter, Vigyan Vrat is deeply connected with nature. Extraordinary force and incredible sensorial richness resonating with the passionate colours and its symbolic, emotive value is achieved by discerning understanding about the nature around. His paintings are an expression of pure emotion addressed towards the external struggle between man and nature, and the hunt for spiritual comfort expressed through abstraction. Interacting with the paint, canvas and tools; he seems to pay attention to the physical qualities of the paint itself, its texture and nature. With complex and dynamic linear patterns that fuse image and form, achieving a precarious balance between the deliberateness of stroke and the intuitiveness of gesture. Pre-occupied with imminent energies, Vigyan's works emerge as an entity of vibrating power in pulsating forms. While going through his paintings one can smell the eroma of his poetry. Well, the painter is an established poet too and he has five collections of poetry at his credit.